2006 Events

The following events were all sponsored or co-sponsored by TAARII.


MESA Panels: “Iraqi Perspectives on the Nation State” and “Remembering 1950s Baghdad”

Date: November 2006

Location: Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, Boston, MA

Description: TAARII sponsored two panels and one lecture at MESA, and brought four Iraqi scholars to the meeting. Three Iraqis traveled from Baghdad to Boston to take part in a panel, entitled, “Iraqi Perspectives on the Nation State,” organized by Dr. Isam Al-Khafaji, who traveled from Amsterdam. TAARII sponsored another panel, chaired by Mina Marefat and Caecilia Pieri, entitled “Remembering 1950s Baghdad.” Finally, Dr. Saad Jawad gave a talk on the conditions in which Iraqi scholars work in their country.

Additional Information: For a summary of one of the panels, please see “Remembering 1950s Baghdad” by Mina Marefat and Caecilia Pieri in the Spring 2007 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 02-01.



Date: September 16, 2006

Location: Kevorkian Center, New York University, New York, NY

Description: TAARII supported a screening of the first feature film shot in Iraq after the U.S. invasion, “Underexposure,” directed by Uday Rashid. Following the screening, Professor Sinan Antoon discussed the film and its making. The program was hosted by ArteEast and held in conjunction with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s annual symposium: “Cities, Art, & Recovery.” This event was co-sponsored with the Kevorkian Center.

Additional Information: Please see “On Underexposure by Uday Rashid” by Sinan Antoon in the Spring 2007 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 02-01.