2005 Events

The following events were all sponsored or co-sponsored by TAARII.

“The Social Sciences in Iraq”

Date: September 2005

Location: Amman, Jordan

Description: With support from the National Science Foundation, TAARII held a conference in Amman that brought together ten social scientists each from Iraq and from the U.S. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the needs of Iraqi social scientists, the needs of American social scientists that study Iraq, and the potential for collaboration on particular projects. The discussion address what an ideal social science research agenda for Iraq might look like, and what kinds of qualitative and quantitative data are necessary for further research and for policy formation.

Additional Information: Please see “Executive Director’s Report” by Stephanie Platz in the Spring 2006 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 01-01.


University Lecture Tour: Joanne Farchakh

Date: February 2005

Location: U.S.

Description: TAARII supported the U.S. university lecture tour by Lebanese journalist, Joanne Farchakh, who has studied the looting of archaeological sites in Iraq even before 2003. Ms. Farchakh visited the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, and Harvard University.


“Iraq: Notions of Self and the Other”

Date: January 2005

Location: Amman, Jordan

Description: TAARII co-sponsored a conference, “Iraq: Notions of Self and the Other,” with the Royal Jordanian Institute for Interfaith Studies. Hala Fattah organized the conference and TAARII support made possible the participation of nine Iraqi scholars.

Additional Information: For a picture and a summary from the event, please see “From the President” by McGuire Gibson and the “Resident Director’s Report” by Hala Fattah, both in the Spring 2006 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 01-01.