Papers on Iraq at MESA, November 22-25, 2014

The Middle East Studies Association is hosting its 48th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel from November 22–25, 2014.

The following are a list of papers to be presented at MESA this year that have Iraq-related content. For more information on the presenters or the abstract of the papers, please click on the provided links.

A Genealogy of Aziz al-Sayyid Jasim’s Theorem by Muhsin J. Al-Musawi (Tuesday, 11/25/14 8:30am)

Al-Bāqillānī’s theological contribution to i‘jāz al-Qur’ān discourse by Rachel Friedman (Tuesday, 11/25/14 8:30am)

Al-Qaida in Iraq: Origins, Evolution and Peculiarities from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi till Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham by Andrea Plebani (Monday, 11/24/14 11:00am)

An Invitation to Create Meaning: The “Participating Reader” in Muḥammad Khuḍayyir’s Fiction by Chip Rossetti (Sunday, 11/23/14 2:00pm)

Are the Kurds Missing the Boat? by Mohammed M.A. Ahmed (Saturday, 11/22/14 5:30pm)

Assyrians in Hashemite Iraq: Mass Violence as State-Building by Russell Hopkins (Sunday, 11/23/14 11:00am)

Authoritarianism and Statebuilding in Iraq: Framing the role of Exclusionary Institutions by Shamiran Mako (Sunday, 11/23/14 8:30am)

Aziz al-Sayyid Jasim’s critique of Sufism in Modern Arabic Poetics by Boutheina Khaldi (Tuesday, 11/25/14 8:30am)

Ballots to Bombs: Elections and Cycles of Violence in post-invasion Iraq by Christina Sciabarra (Saturday, 11/22/14 5:30pm)

Breaking Taboos in Iraq – the Case of Gha’ib Tu’ma Farman by Hilla Peled-Shapira (Tuesday, 11/25/14 8:30am)

Cholera in the Time of Empire: Imperialism and Public Health in 19th Century Baghdad by Kearby Chess (Sunday, 11/23/14 11:00am)

Conceptualizing Sectarianism in Iraq by Zainab Saleh (Monday, 11/24/14 5:00pm)

Confusion and Consent: Land Tax Laws and Policies of the Early Islamic State (640-810 CE) by Najm al-Din Yousefi (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

Contesting Charismatic Authority: Qadiri Sufism in Iraqi Kurdistan by Edith Szanto (Monday, 11/24/14 5:00pm)

Disputed territories in KRG: a national identity issue by Daniel Meier (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

Fatima’s Khutba: An Early Case of Female Religious Authority in Islam by Alyssa Gabbay (Sunday, 11/23/14 2:00pm)

From Efendi to Mühendis: The Transformation of the Turkish Political Elite by Dale Stahl (Sunday, 11/23/14 2:00pm)

I Used to be a Communist: Re-Reading al-Sayyab’s Memoir by Elliott Colla (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

Il Faut Defendre Saddam? Oil, State Racism, and Iraqi State Biopower in the 1980s by Michael Degerald (Sunday, 11/23/14 8:30am)

ILLUMINATING A STATE: State-building and electricity in occupied Iraq by Nida Alahmad (Monday, 11/24/14 5:00pm)

Impact of Imperialism: Gender in Syria and Iraq by Adi Greif (Monday, 11/24/14 8:30am)

Jews and “Apostates”: Geonic Literature on Conversion by Phillip Ackerman-Lieberman (Monday, 11/24/14 11:00am)

Just Keep the Sheep Thieves Away: Minority Challenges to Iraqi Nation-State Building, 1933-1945 by Sanket Desai (Sunday, 11/23/14 11:00am)

Mapping the Social: Kinship Networks and Ottoman Reform by Rachel Brown (Sunday, 11/23/14 11:00am)

Multilingualism and Multiple Modernities: Ma’ruf al-Rusafi, The Private Press, and the Iraqi Nahda by Annie Greene (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

Nation and Identity Construction in Iraq by Mariam Georgis (Sunday, 11/23/14 8:30am)

Nation(s)-state(s): Competing sovereignties and sectarianism in post-invasion Iraq by Yousef Baker (Monday, 11/24/14 2:30pm)

Not Everyone Returns: The risks of travel in the novels of Taha Husayn and Mahmud Ahmad al-Sayyid by Valentine Edgar (Sunday, 11/23/14 2:00pm)

Political Competition, Insurgency, and Post-2003 Violence in Iraq by Jonathan Barsness (Saturday, 11/22/14 5:30pm)

Provinces for Minorities: Re-Mapping Iraq’s Internal Boundaries by Nicholas Al-Jeloo (Tuesday, 11/25/14 8:30am)

Remembering Karbalāʾ: The Construction of an Early Islamic Site of Memory by Antoine Borrut (Sunday, 11/23/14 4:30pm)

Restoring the Garden of Eden?: William Willcocks and the Remaking of Southern Iraq by Camille Cole (Sunday, 11/23/14 11:00am)

Sacred Defense: Islam and Nationalism in the Iran-Iraq War by Annie Tracy Samuel (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

The (Un)makings of Iraq: The Campaign for an Independent Assyrian State (1921-1932) by Fadi Dawood (Saturday, 11/22/14 5:30pm)

The Advent of Psychology in Iraq: Nuri Jafar’s Theory of Originality by Aziz Shaibani (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

The Creation of Husseini Ba’thism by Aaron Faust (Tuesday, 11/25/14 8:30am)

The Limits of Accommodation: Iraq, the Baath, and the Rise and Fall of Modernization Theory, 1958-72 by Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt (Sunday, 11/23/14 2:00pm)

The political and institutional role of charismatic bābs in 4th/10th century by Edmund Hayes (Saturday, 11/22/14 5:30pm)

The Political Anxieties of Iraqi Oil Since the 1920s by Arbella Bet-Shlimon (Monday, 11/24/14 8:30am)

The political economy of NGO Aid in the Middle East: a case study of Sadr City NGOs by Mehair Kathem (Tuesday, 11/25/14 1:30pm)

The Ṭālibid Syndics of Baghdad: Representatives of a Community in Transition by Mohammed Allehbi (Saturday, 11/22/14 5:30pm)

The United States, the Middle East, and the Imperialism Question by Matthew Kelly (Monday, 11/24/14 5:00pm)

The Visualization of an “Islamic State in Iraq and greater Syria” – Religio-political conflict mediatized by Christoph Guenther (Sunday, 11/23/14 4:30pm)

The “Ghulat Corpus” and its Authors by Mushegh Asatryan (Tuesday, 11/25/14 11:00am)

Toxic War in the Middle East by Toby C. Jones (Monday, 11/24/14 11:00am)

“Team Collusion” in Umayyad-era Flytings Poetry by Cory Jorgensen (Monday, 11/24/14 2:30pm)

For more information, please visit MESA’s website.

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