Papers on Iraq at MESA, November 21–24, 2015

The Middle East Studies Association is hosting its Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel from November 21–24, 2015.

The following are a list of papers to be presented at MESA this year that have Iraq-related content. For more information on the presenters or the abstract of the papers, please click on the provided links.

TAARII-Sponsored Panel

[P4034] States of Imagination: Four Perspectives on Iraqi Political Culture, 1900-2014. Created by Annie GreeneMonday, 11/23/15 11:00am

Presentations with Iraq Content

[P4183-17543] “To Strengthen Faith and Commitment”: The Contours of Iraqi-Sudanese Relations, 1979-2003 by Michael Brill (Monday, 11/23/15 5:00pm)

[P4231-17014] (Mis)Representing the Sunni Uprising in Iraq: Culture Talk and the “Islamic State” by Tim Jacoby (Monday, 11/23/15 8:30am)

[P4060-17094] A Necessary Other: Muslim and Christian Leaders in Medieval Eastern Anatolia and Jazīra by Thomas Carlson (Sunday, 11/22/15 11:00am)

[P4232-17044] A Phoenix in Ashes: Modernist Poetry in Iran and Iraq by Thomas Thompson (Sunday, 11/22/15 8:30am)

[P4139-17957] A Tale of Two Governments in a Divided City: Maintenance of Public Order in Baghdad During The Early Seljuq Era by Mohammed Allehbi (Tuesday, 11/24/15 1:30pm)

[P4170-18117] Al-Sadr’s Indigenization Strategies and the Emergence of Iraqi Arab Shi‘ism by Robert J. Riggs (Sunday, 11/22/15 2:00pm)

[P4026-17011] Allies Divided: Differing Israeli, American and Turkish Understandings of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) by Yasin Bostanci (Monday, 11/23/15 5:00pm)

[P4176-17535] Assyrians and the Narrative of the Simile Massacre by Fadi Dawood (Monday, 11/23/15 2:30pm)

[P4014-17243] Assyrians in Ba’thist Iraq: From “National Minority” to “Religious Denomination.” by Alda Benjamen (Monday, 11/23/15 8:30am)

[P4231-18006] Ayatollahs and the Battle over Religion in Post-Saddam Iraq by Caroleen Sayej (Monday, 11/23/15 8:30am)

[S4295-18156] Between Two Rivers: A Hydropolitical History of Iraq by Janna Aladdin (Saturday, 11/21/15 4:00pm)

[P4135-17294] British intelligence and colonial control: The internment and freedom of Arab “renegades” during and after the Second World War. by Steven Wagner (Tuesday, 11/24/15 1:30pm)

[P4189-17549] Caught in the Trap of Memory: Trauma, Border Crossing, and Hyperrealism in Hassan Blasim’s “The Iraqi Christ” by Khaled Al-Masri (Sunday, 11/22/15 11:00am)

[P4269-17712] Changing the Program: The AIU Girls’ School in Baghdad After WWI by Jonathan Sciarcon (Monday, 11/23/15 8:30am)

[P4106-17175] Conducted Chaos: Frontiering Iraq’s Anbar Province by Kali Rubaii (Tuesday, 11/24/15 11:00am)

[P4139-17398] Courtiers in the Cairo, Shiraz, and Baghdad Courts: Does a Common Pool of Personnel mean Common Court Cultures? by Rachel T. Howes (Tuesday, 11/24/15 1:30pm)

[P4071-17899] Don’t Take It Seriously: Roasting the Patron in the Early Ninth Century by Jeannie Miller (Sunday, 11/22/15 2:00pm)

[P4185-17699] Dynastic power as messianic promise: Forms of monotheistic messianism in the Abbasid caliphate (ca. 750-850 C.E.) by Hayrettin Yucesoy (Saturday, 11/21/15 5:30pm)

[P4161-17862] Efforts in Iraq to document and preserve cultural heritage in crisis by Katharyn Hanson (Tuesday, 11/24/15 11:00am)

[P4026-17325] EU and Turkish Foreign Policy in the Middle East and ISIS: Pragmatism vs. Ideology? by Ioannis N. Grigoriadis (Monday, 11/23/15 5:00pm)

[P4064-17043] Fight, Flee, or Foment: Soldier Responses to Iraq’s 1991 Uprising by Dorothy Ohl (Sunday, 11/22/15 8:30am)

[P4034-17409] From Baghdad with Love: Negotiating Ottoman-Iraqi Regionalism under the CUP by Annie Greene (Monday, 11/23/15 11:00am)

[P4253-17056] From Jahilliya to Protection: Tanzimat Reforms and Changing Ottoman Attitudes toward Antiquities by Jameel Haque (Sunday, 11/22/15 8:30am)

[P4142-17309] From Mamluk to Sultan: Appropriating Legitimacy by Visual Means – The Case of Badr al-Dīn Lu’lu’ by Dana Brostowsky Gilboa (Monday, 11/23/15 11:00am)

[P4243-17102] Homeland Ties, Community Cohesion and Youth Disengagement?: Middle Eastern Christian Diasporic Humanitarian and Political Activism in the UK by Fiona McCallum (Tuesday, 11/24/15 11:00am)

[P4034-18059] Idle Days in Baghdad: Coffee Shops and the Dangers of Unsupervised Intellectual Activity by Pelle Valentin Olsen (Monday, 11/23/15 11:00am)

[P4268-17956] John Van Ess’s High Hope and the National Education System in Iraq in the Early Twentieth Century by Israa Alhassani (Sunday, 11/22/15 2:00pm)

[P4253-17871] Legitimizing Middle Eastern Lineages through Archaeology : Hormuzd Rassam and the Making of an Assyrian National History by Joseph Hermiz (Sunday, 11/22/15 8:30am)

[P4170-17846] Modern Usuli Shi‘ism as a Transnational Movement by Zackery Heern (Sunday, 11/22/15 2:00pm)

[P4161-17471] Monitoring Cultural Heritage in Conflict Using Satellite Imagery: Syria and Iraq by Susan Wolfinbarger (Tuesday, 11/24/15 11:00am)

[P4176-18003] Nation and Identity in Post-2003 Iraq: Re-inserting the Assyrians by Mariam Georgis (Monday, 11/23/15 2:30pm)

[P4079-17122] Ottoman Hydraulic Projects and Condominium Rule in Iraq, 1638-1750 by Faisal Husain (Sunday, 11/22/15 4:30pm)

[P4272-16990] Post-2003 Iraqi Women’s Rights Activism: between Ngos, Sectarianism and Rise of Conservatisms by Zahra Ali (Monday, 11/23/15 11:00am)

[P4126-17312] Pre-2003 Iraq: Sectarian Relations Before ‘Sectarianization’. by Fanar Haddad (Saturday, 11/21/15 5:30pm)

[P4034-17924] Rivers and Ruins: the British imperial episteme of Iraq’s geo-space by Carl Shook (Monday, 11/23/15 11:00am)

[P4236-16955] Rumors as Resistance in Iraq under Saddam Hussein: Evidence from the Ba`th Party Bureaucracy by Lisa Blaydes (Sunday, 11/22/15 4:30pm)

[P4126-17247] Sectarianization and the Aporias of the Islamic Republic’s Pan-Islamist Hegemony: Iran’s Interventions in Iraq and Syria Compared by Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi (Saturday, 11/21/15 5:30pm)

[P4034-17552] Seeing, perceiving and believing the spatial politics of Baghdad by Omar Sirri (Monday, 11/23/15 11:00am)

[P4080-17172] Stories beyond progress and modernity. Archaeologies in the Ancient Near East by Mirjam Brusius (Saturday, 11/21/15 5:30pm)

[P4118-17236] Subversive Teachers and the Limits of Rebellion: Government Schooling across the Interwar Middle East by Hilary Falb Kalisman (Sunday, 11/22/15 8:30am)

[P4231-17440] Sunnis, Shi’a, and the State in Iraq since 2003: The Construction of a Sectarian-Authoritarian State by Nassima Neggaz (Monday, 11/23/15 8:30am)

[P4139-17443] The contested history of the early Mazyadid amirate and its role in the fourth-fifth/tenth-eleventh century political arena by Eric J. Hanne (Tuesday, 11/24/15 1:30pm)

[P4231-17155] The Socio-Political Aspect of the Ba’th Government-Sponsored Militias in Northern Iraq: New Archival Findings by Yaniv Voller (Monday, 11/23/15 8:30am)

[P4251-17832] The ‘Always, Already Hybrid’ one: The Diaries of Alexander Svoboda from Baghdad to Paris and Back. by Huma Gupta (Tuesday, 11/24/15 11:00am)

[P4129-17567] Transporting Iraqi Oil: Empire, internationalism and the politics of the Iraq-Mediterranean oil pipeline, 1928-31 by Natasha Pesaran (Tuesday, 11/24/15 1:30pm)

[P4183-17690] War and Regime Entrenchment in Saddam’s Iraq by Samuel Helfont (Monday, 11/23/15 5:00pm)

[P4017-17237] When Wounds Travel by Omar Dewachi (Sunday, 11/22/15 4:30pm)

[P4017-17425] Winning Hearts and Minds: Environment as a form of Humanitarianism in the Recent Iraq War by Bridget Guarasci (Sunday, 11/22/15 4:30pm)

[P4178-17504] Witnessing Traumas, Performing Alterity in Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire by Hanadi Al-Samman (Monday, 11/23/15 2:30pm)

[P4183-18017] “Culturalization” in Baʿthist Iraq by Aaron Faust (Monday, 11/23/15 5:00pm)

[P4080-17692] “Rending the Veils of Time and Space”: `Ali al-Wardi, Decolonization, and the Sciences of the Self by Sara Pursley (Saturday, 11/21/15 5:30pm)

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