Welcome to the TAARII Blog!

TAARII is pleased to announce the launch of its blog to promote Mesopotamian and Iraqi Studies and to foster communication within the growing community of institutions, scholars, and other individuals interested in Iraq.

The TAARII blog contains several regularly updated threads. One of these threads is “Meet TAARII’s Institutional Members.” TAARII is grateful to its institutional members for forming its consortium, helping to constitute its governing board, and shaping TAARII’s policies and activities. Our institutional members have experience and resources related to ancient, medieval, and modern Iraq that the blog thread features.

A second blog thread introduces and receives updates from “TAARII’s Research Fellows.” Since 2005, TAARII has awarded research fellowships to 60 American and 60 Iraqi citizens. In the blog thread, current research fellows share their reports from the field. Past fellows inform us about what they are currently working on and how their TAARII fellowships have helped them in their career.

A third blog thread displays “Images from Iraq.” These images illustrate aspects of Iraqi life and culture, in the present day and from the past. We invite individuals to contribute their images, along with captions, commentary, or anecdotes that help contextualize the images.

We look forward to seeing the blog develop and become a useful resource for the study and appreciation of Iraq. We welcome your submissions. Please email Katie Johnson, TAARII’s newsletter and web editor, at katie@taarii.org, with your contributions and suggestions for the blog.

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