Re-thinking the Revolution: Perspectives on 1958

Date: October 24–26, 2008

Location: Elm Tree House, Mt. Hope Farm, Williams College, Williamstown, MA

Description: Conference entitled “Re-thinking the Revolution: Perspectives on 1958.” Participants included Peter Sluglett, Orit Bashkin, Dina Khoury, McGuire Gibson, Eric Davis, Reidar Visser, Larry Tucker, Adeed Dawisha, Michaelle Browers, Bill Darrow, Holly Edwards, Hala Fattah, Waiel Hindo, Abbas Kadhim, Mina Marefat, Michael Macdonald, James McAllister, Mary Nolan, and Juan Romero. The keynote speech was delivered by Ervand Abrahamian. This meeting, which revisited the nature of the events of 1958 in Iraq and their significance into the present, was TAARII’s first Fellows Conference.

Additional Information: For pictures from the event and a summary of the conference, please see “Rethinking the 1958 Revolution” by Magnus T. Berhardsson in the Spring 2009 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 04-01.