2005 Fellowship Recipients

For descriptions of these projects, please see the Spring 2006 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 01-01

Dr. Mark Altaweel, Argonne National Laboratory
“Development of Ancient Settlements in Northern Iraq”

Dr. Mariana Giovino, Independent Scholar
“Publication preparation of Interpretations of the Assyrian Sacred Tree: 1894–2004”

Ms. Bridget Guarasci, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
“Eden Again: The Technologies of Nostalgia and Reconstruction in Iraq’s Marshes”

Ms. Yasmeen Hanoosh, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
“Chaldeans between Iraq and America: Shifting Spaces of a Christian Minority’s Discourse”

Ms. Lisa Lital Levy, University of California, Berkeley
“Jewish Writers in Iraq, 1870–1950”

Mr. John Nielsen, University of Chicago
“A Comprehensive Editing of All Babylonian Economic Tablets Dated from 747 to 626 B.C. Located in Collections in Great Britain”

Professor Neal Walls, Wake Forest University
“Reading Gilgamesh: A Critical Introduction to the Epic of Gilgamesh”