2006 Fellowship Recipients

For descriptions of these projects, please see the Spring 2007 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 02-01.

Dr. James Armstrong, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Semitic Museum, Harvard University
“The Babylonian Ceramic Tradition: The Second Millennium B.C.”

(For more information about this project, see Armstrong’s progress report in the Spring 2008 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 03-01)

Dr. Eric Davis, Department of Political Science, Rutgers University
“Democratic Transitions and National Political Culture: The Case of the New Iraq”

Dr. Adeed Dawisha, Department of Political Science, Miami University
“Democracy in Iraq: Lost … Recovered?”

(For additional information on this project, see “The Rigidity of the Political Structure as an Explanation for the Fall of Iraq’s Monarchy” by Adeed Dawisha in the Fall 2008 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 03-02)

Ms. Bridget Guarasci, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan
“Eden Again: The Technologies of Nostalgia and Reconstruction in Iraq’s Marshes” (Second Phase of Study)

(For more information about this project, see “Reflections of Democracy: Humanitarianism, Statecraft, and the Iraqi Marshes” by Bridget Guarasci in the Spring 2007 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 02-01)

Ms. Lisa Lital Levy, Department of Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley
“Jewish Writers in Iraq, 1865–1935” (Second Phase of Study)

Dr. Denise Natali, College of Political Science, Salahaddin University, and Honorary Fellow, Exeter University, England
“Differentiated Development in Post-Gulf War Iraq”

(For additional information about this project, see “Differentiated Regional Development in Iraq” by Denise Natali in the Fall 2008 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 03-02)

Professor Nada Shabout, Department of Art History, University of North Texas
“Recovering Iraq’s Modern Heritage: Constructing and Digitally Documenting the Collection of the Former Saddam Center for the Arts”

(For more information on this project, please see Nada Shabout’s article in the Fall 2006 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 01-02)

Special CAORC Fellow

Professor Bassam Yousif, Department of Economics, Indiana State University
“Alternatives to Imbalance: Economic Solutions to Iraq’s Difficulties”