2008 Fellowship Recipients

Professor Michaelle Browers, Department of Political Science, Wake Forest University
“Arab-Shi'i Political Thought since 1959: Political Activism and the Quest for Freedom”

(For more information on this project, see “Between Najaf and Jabal `Amil: A Portrait of Three Generations of Shi'i Intellectuals” by Michaelle Browers in the Spring 2009 TAARII Newsletter, Issue No. 4-1)

Dr. Jean Evans, Department of Ancient and Near Eastern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
“Sculpture, Glyptic, and Other Small Finds from the Inanna Temple at Nippur”

Ms. Helena Kaler, Department of History, George Washington University
“Sectarianism, Education, and the Creation of the Shiªi Citizen-Subject in Lebanon and Iraq, 1920–1945”

Professor Dina Khoury, History and International Affairs, George Washington University
“War and Remembrance in Iraq”

Dr. Mina Marefat, Design Research, John Hopkins University, and Catholic University
“Baghdad University: Education by Design”

(For additional information on this project, see “From Bauhaus to Baghdad: The Politics of Building the Total University” by Mina Marefat in the Fall 2008 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 03-02)

Mr. Tate Paulette, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
“Magazines, Models, and Artificial Societies: The Archaeology of Grain Storage in Third Millenium Mesopotamia”

Mr. Robert Riggs, Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Pennsylvania
“Interpreting God’s Law: How Ayatollah Sistani and Ayatollah Fadlallah Mediate Authority in Heterogenous Arab Societies”

Ms. Alexandra Witsell, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago
“Archaeological Perspectives on Temple and Neighborhood in Third Millenium B.C. Khafajah, Iraq”