2009 Fellowship Recipients

For descriptions of these projects, please see the Spring 2009 TAARII Newsletter, Issue No. 4-1.

Professor Sinan Antoon, New York University
In the Vocative Case: Saadi Youssef’s Iraq,Phase II

Dr. James Armstrong, Semitic Museum, Harvard University
The Babylonian Ceramic Tradition: The Second Millennium B.C.”

Ms. Arbella Bet-Shlimon, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University
Kirkuk, 1918-1968: Oil and the Politics of Identity in an Iraqi City”

Professor Eric Davis, Political Science, Rutgers University
Youth Attitudes Toward Identity, Sectarianism, and Democracy: Two Case Studies

Professor Rochelle Davis, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, with Omar Shakir
The U.S. Military and Iraqi Culture: Iraqi Perspectives

Professor Abbas Kadhim, Department of History and International Affairs, Naval Post Graduate Academy
Capturing the Narratives of the 1991 Uprising in Iraq

Professor Bassam Yousif, Department of Economics, Indiana State University
Iraq at the Intersection of Development and Violence, 1950-1990"