2014 Fellowship Recipients

For descriptions of these projects, please see the Spring–Fall 2014 TAARII Newsletter, Issue 09-01/02


Isacar Bolaños, History, Ohio State University

“Dates, Tides, and Plague: Environment and Administrative Reform in Basra and the Ottoman Gulf, 1839–1909”


Dr. Samuel England, African Languages & Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Iraqi Stones and Ink Beneath the Spanish Century of Gold


Willis Monroe, Ancient Western Asian Studies, Brown University

“Innovation in Seleucid Astrology: Re-investigating the Micro-Zodiac


Kali Rubaii, Anthropology, University of California-Santa Cruz

Futurity in Fallujah: An Anthropological Study of Possibility in a Landscape of Counterinsurgency


Zackary Wainer, Assyriology, Brown University

The Series Šumma Sîn ina tāmartišu and its Position within Mesopotamian Scholarship of the First Millennium B.C.E.